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Unique Job Titles in the UK

June 15, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone has had a good week. We are still continuing with the warm, sunny weather here in South Wales, with the odd bit of rain. I hope everyone else is still getting some sunny weather.

I came across an article earlier this week, which was on unique job titles that we have in the UK. I thought it would be quite interesting to share on the blog. Glassdoor have put together a list of the most unique and quirky job titles that now exist in 2018, which can be found below. There are a mixture of job titles, from technical, to scientific, to food related areas.

  1. Developer Evangelist
  2. Brow Expert
  3. Cloud Chief Architect
  4. Telemedicine Assistant
  5. Sandwich Artist
  6. Graduate BrainBox
  7. Listening Lead
  8. Beverage Application Technologist
  9. Python Developer
  10. Ethical Hacker
  11. Ruby Developer
  12. Party Chief
  13. Animal Technologist
  14. Protein Expression Scientist
  15. Waste Chemist
  16. Ramp Agent
  17. Nandoca

The technical jobs include a ‘Python Developer’ and a ‘Ruby Developer’. Python and Ruby are both associated with Programming. Or there is an ‘Ethical Hacker’, that tries to uncover any weaknesses in online systems. There is also a ‘Developer Evangelist’ that is a mediator between a company and its technical staff and outside developers.

Under the scientific section, there is an ‘Animal Technologist’ who is responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals used in scientific research and experiments. There is also ‘Protein Expression Scientist’ that involves cloning and testing engineered DNA constructs and develops bench scale protein purification methods. The ‘Waste Chemist’ would be working in an industrial laboratory managing and analysing waste material.

It also contains a few jobs in the food industry. There is now a position called a ‘Sandwich Artist’ which is a job of someone making sandwiches at Subway. Also if you work at Nando’s you are called a ‘Nandoca’.

There are a number of unique job titles out there today and we do get some of these roles through to recruit for, such as Python Developers and Ruby Developers, so keep an eye out on our open roles and you may see some of these unique job titles pop up.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever had a job with a unique name, or if you have come across any quirky job titles throughout a job search.

Have a great weekend.

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