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The NHS turns 70!

July 6, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is still enjoying the warm weather. This week the NHS turned 70! The NHS has been in the news for the last few days celebrating the great service that has been provided for the last 70 years. The NHS has also been in the news over the last couple of weeks as NHS England is launching a massive recruitment drive to help attract more applicants for under staffed positions.

Last year there were 35,000 vacant nursing positions, so NHS England has launched a recruitment drive, the biggest in its history, to gain more interest in the positions. It will be specifically targeting 14-18 year olds to give them an understanding of what it takes to be a nurse. It should help inspire young workers to start their career in the NHS.

The recruitment drive will include TV adverts, radio adverts, posters, and posting on social media and will set out to attract 22,000 applicants. Although there are still some concerns, as last year there were cuts to student nurse and midwife bursaries, which left application numbers to drop by nearly 20%. The Royal College of Nursing also voiced their concern about working restrictions for EU and non-EU healthcare staff as it has stopped people from applying to work in the UK.

A similar issue has also risen to NHS staff in Wales. After Brexit a large number of doctors and nurses will be needed due to staff shortages, although in Wales, 2% of all NHS staff are from the European Union. Roughly 30% of 8,800 doctors received their training abroad with 6% being trained in EU countries. Although the numbers can seem low, there are areas for example eye specialists or ophthalmology where staff from the EU are relied on. To allow more doctors and nurses from outside the EU to come into the UK after Brexit, the UK government announced last month that they would be relaxing the immigration rules.

It will be interesting firstly to see how the recruitment drive does for NHS England and whether it brings in the amount of interest that it intended, also it will be interesting to see how the NHS will be affected after Brexit and whether the same amount of staff from the EU are being employed.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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