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A1D Ltd

My contact who introduced me to EGB was correct in his assessment that EGB was a professional and proactive company. These traits became obvious from the outset, as within a short space of time my CV had been studied, and my background and skillset matched to a number of potential contract positions.

After deciding which role I considered was the most promising, guidance was provided to ensure that my CV highlighted achievements that matched the job requirements. Advice was also offered on how best to complete the competency form. This level of personal involvement was maintained throughout the assessment and interview process, where EGB’s knowledge and experience was used to ensure that I was fully prepared. I have no doubt that this assistance enabled me to secure my first contract position. A good level of communication and information flow was maintained after I had secured the role, so that there were no issues with contract paperwork, first day domestics, invoices or payments.

Having previously completed a commission in the RN and subsequently worked for a defence company, the departure from the security of a salaried environment was made a lot easier with EGB’s assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending EGB as a professional and proactive company.