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T-Levels and T26 Frigates

July 7, 2017 | By | No Comments

With another Friday comes the return of the weekly EGB Blog, bringing you news, interesting facts and all round good spirits for the weekend, at least we hope. Along with the blog, this week has brought the warm weather back to us. I have no doubt that will cause a mixed bag of emotions from you all, while I do like the warm weather, it isn’t the most fun to work in. Though the timing couldn’t be much better as it has coincided with the start of Wimbledon, time to break out the Strawberries and Cream with a side of Pimm’s (Other brands of drinks are available :p). All eyes are on Konta and Murray to do well this year as the British favourites but I can’t help but root for Federer in hope he continues to set unbelievable records in the Tennis world. Well anyway back to the blog…this week will be like the previous week’s post just with less defence.

With the Brexit talks underway it is no surprise that some of the newer projects that are being announced by the government are to do with preparing a Post-Brexit Britain. The Education Secretary Justine Greening, has announced a £50M fund to help create more Vocational work placements to run alongside Apprenticeship schemes. The goal of these injection of funds is to help increase the work skill sets of Britain to make up for the perceived decline in certain skills which will occur after a Brexit deal has been completed. We have started to get a few roles through for the DfE so maybe there will be more on the horizon as the department goes through change to meet these new targets.

Going back to defence news (you knew it had to happen), the MoD have greenlighted their Type 26 Frigate project. The initial contact which is valued at £3.7bn has been awarded to BAE Systems, which will start to build the first 3 of the 8 Type 26 Anti-Submarine frigates that the government has committed to. These Frigates are being built to replace the Type 23 Frigate which have been in service for over 25 years. There are some concerns of the tight deadlines on this contract as the planned retirement of the first Type 23 is for 2023. With the first Type 26 to be coming into service somewhere in the “mid-2020s”. Fingers crossed they get it all together and we aren’t left with half a fleet, perhaps they will need some very capable candidates to help them along. We will be keeping an eye out for any upcoming MoD roles.

So, with that we bring a close to another interesting blog that gives little insights into what the various departments of the Government are doing…mainly the MoD. Hopefully in a long few years we will see the fruition of those going through more vocational courses and see them become engineers on projects such as the Type 26 Frigate. Well we do have one last little bit of news, we are not posting Job Listings to twitter any further and will be keeping that for LinkedIn. We haven’t quite decided what we want to replace it with, so kindly let us know what you would like to see. If you do want to keep up with our job postings, keep an eye on LinkedIn or the Jobs page on the website.




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