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New ship to support the aircraft carriers arrives in UK

September 29, 2017 | By | No Comments

Good Afternoon,

I hope the weather hasn’t effected anyone too badly so far today, as there is heavy rain and strong winds expected throughout some parts of the UK this weekend (being British, you always have to bring up the weather in a conversation). Has anyone got plans this weekend? Or have you had to cancel because of the rain?

This week we have seen in the news that the new ship which will support the aircraft carriers has arrived in Cornwall. This is the second Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s new Tide-class support ship to arrive in the UK with the first ship arriving earlier this year, being designed to support the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers. It offers improvements like double hulls and has greater environmental protection measures and it has a flight deck large enough to hold the Chinook helicopter.

The ship will enter service next year after 4 months of customisation work which will be carried out in Falmouth. The work will bring in 300 jobs as armour, self-defence weaponry, and communication systems will be installed. The MOD is working within their budget of £150 million and this will also sustain further jobs at other companies.

With the new ship arriving in the UK, it is bringing in good news that 300 local jobs will be produced and further jobs at other organisations will be sustained.  Keep an eye out on our new roles being released, as we may see new roles opening associated with the customisation being carried out on the new Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s new Tide-class support ship.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and manages to keep out of the rain.

Warm regards,





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