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How using a recruitment agency can help with your job search

July 13, 2018 | By | No Comments

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The hot weather is still with us, although here in South Wales we are supposed to be having thunderstorms this weekend, maybe it will clear away the warm weather for a while so we can cool down for a few days.

This week for the blog we are going to be looking into how using a recruitment agency can help you with your job search. Recruitment agencies match candidates to job vacancies, whilst providing help and advice to candidates. They then go onto handling the paperwork at on-boarding stage. We’ve put together a few points looking into the benefits of using a recruitment agency and what you can gain from using an agency.

Guidance/Advice – An agency can give you advice on a number of aspects throughout the process, such as the best way to complete an application form, what to include in a cover letter/suitability statement, CV guidance, and interview tips. Having the extra guidance may help you get through to the next stage.

CV guidance – A major part of applying for a position is your CV. An agency will go through your CV and provide any tips on ways to improve/update your CV to make it stand out and have a better chance of getting through to the next stage. It can be tips on formatting, the content of the CV, or even how the CV is laid out, and taking on these tips can help improve your chances.

Sign up for notifications – An agency will receive new positions from a number of different departments/organisations daily, therefore signing up to receive notifications when new roles that match your criteria come in, will save you time when searching for new positions. For example at EGB we send out email notifications at the end of every day with the new positions that have opened up that day which matches your search criteria.

Reminders – If you have expressed interest in a role through an agency and it is getting close to the deadline and you haven’t submitted your CV and application form yet, it may be something small like forgetting when the deadline is, but the recruiter looking after the role will follow up with you so you won’t miss out on the opportunity.

Updates – When applying for a position direct through a company, there isn’t always an option to receive or chase for updates and in some cases you never get a response from them with an outcome. Going through an agency allows you to gain updates on your application at each stage of the application process, as the middle client will provide updates to all agencies at every stage of the process.

Opportunities – Some agencies like us at EGB, get access to a number of jobs that are not advertised publicly, so you may be missing out on opportunities by not going through an agency. Additionally when a recruiter is sifting through the application forms and CVs, they may look at your past experience and have another position open that matches your criteria, so they will get in touch for another position which you may not have come across.

On-boarding – Once you are offered a position, the agency handles the paperwork and admin at the on-boarding stage and makes the process easier for the candidate and saving you time.

Choosing the right agency – When choosing which recruitment agency to use, you want to choose the one that provides updates regularly, sends through details on positions that match your criteria, and has a great track record in dealing with candidates.

At EGB we can offer you a great recruitment service covering all of the above from offering advice, guidance, email notifications, and updates throughout the whole process. If you would like to sign up to receive notifications on new roles from us, or would like a quick chat about the service we provide, just drop an email to or give us a call on 01633 548400 and one of the team will be happy to help.

Have a great weekend.

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