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How using a recruitment agency can help with your job search

July 13, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

The hot weather is still with us, although here in South Wales we are supposed to be having thunderstorms this weekend, maybe it will clear away the warm weather for a while so we can cool down for a few days.

This week for the blog we are going to be looking into how using a recruitment agency can help you with your job search. Recruitment agencies match candidates to job vacancies, whilst providing help and advice to candidates. They then go onto handling the paperwork at on-boarding stage. We’ve put together a few points looking into the benefits of using a recruitment agency and what you can gain from using an agency.

Guidance/Advice – An agency can give you advice on a number of aspects throughout the process, such as the best way to complete an application form, what to include in a cover letter/suitability statement, CV guidance, and interview tips. Having the extra guidance may help you get through to the next stage.

CV guidance – A major part of applying for a position is your CV. An agency will go through your CV and provide any tips on ways to improve/update your CV to make it stand out and have a better chance of getting through to the next stage. It can be tips on formatting, the content of the CV, or even how the CV is laid out, and taking on these tips can help improve your chances.

Sign up for notifications – An agency will receive new positions from a number of different departments/organisations daily, therefore signing up to receive notifications when new roles that match your criteria come in, will save you time when searching for new positions. For example at EGB we send out email notifications at the end of every day with the new positions that have opened up that day which matches your search criteria.

Reminders – If you have expressed interest in a role through an agency and it is getting close to the deadline and you haven’t submitted your CV and application form yet, it may be something small like forgetting when the deadline is, but the recruiter looking after the role will follow up with you so you won’t miss out on the opportunity.

Updates – When applying for a position direct through a company, there isn’t always an option to receive or chase for updates and in some cases you never get a response from them with an outcome. Going through an agency allows you to gain updates on your application at each stage of the application process, as the middle client will provide updates to all agencies at every stage of the process.

Opportunities – Some agencies like us at EGB, get access to a number of jobs that are not advertised publicly, so you may be missing out on opportunities by not going through an agency. Additionally when a recruiter is sifting through the application forms and CVs, they may look at your past experience and have another position open that matches your criteria, so they will get in touch for another position which you may not have come across.

On-boarding – Once you are offered a position, the agency handles the paperwork and admin at the on-boarding stage and makes the process easier for the candidate and saving you time.

Choosing the right agency – When choosing which recruitment agency to use, you want to choose the one that provides updates regularly, sends through details on positions that match your criteria, and has a great track record in dealing with candidates.

At EGB we can offer you a great recruitment service covering all of the above from offering advice, guidance, email notifications, and updates throughout the whole process. If you would like to sign up to receive notifications on new roles from us, or would like a quick chat about the service we provide, just drop an email to or give us a call on 01633 548400 and one of the team will be happy to help.

Have a great weekend.

Warm regards,



The NHS turns 70!

July 6, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is still enjoying the warm weather. This week the NHS turned 70! The NHS has been in the news for the last few days celebrating the great service that has been provided for the last 70 years. The NHS has also been in the news over the last couple of weeks as NHS England is launching a massive recruitment drive to help attract more applicants for under staffed positions.

Last year there were 35,000 vacant nursing positions, so NHS England has launched a recruitment drive, the biggest in its history, to gain more interest in the positions. It will be specifically targeting 14-18 year olds to give them an understanding of what it takes to be a nurse. It should help inspire young workers to start their career in the NHS.

The recruitment drive will include TV adverts, radio adverts, posters, and posting on social media and will set out to attract 22,000 applicants. Although there are still some concerns, as last year there were cuts to student nurse and midwife bursaries, which left application numbers to drop by nearly 20%. The Royal College of Nursing also voiced their concern about working restrictions for EU and non-EU healthcare staff as it has stopped people from applying to work in the UK.

A similar issue has also risen to NHS staff in Wales. After Brexit a large number of doctors and nurses will be needed due to staff shortages, although in Wales, 2% of all NHS staff are from the European Union. Roughly 30% of 8,800 doctors received their training abroad with 6% being trained in EU countries. Although the numbers can seem low, there are areas for example eye specialists or ophthalmology where staff from the EU are relied on. To allow more doctors and nurses from outside the EU to come into the UK after Brexit, the UK government announced last month that they would be relaxing the immigration rules.

It will be interesting firstly to see how the recruitment drive does for NHS England and whether it brings in the amount of interest that it intended, also it will be interesting to see how the NHS will be affected after Brexit and whether the same amount of staff from the EU are being employed.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Warm Regards,





Common Errors on CVs

June 29, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

We’ve had a lovely week of weather this week, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Apparently it has been hotter here than places such as South of France, Greece and Spain. It looks like we are due to continue having the hot weather into next week, which will be nice.

When applying for a job, the first thing that hiring managers/recruiters do to get to know your background and skills is to look at your CV. Your CV could be hit or miss for moving onto the next stage of the application process, so ensuring your CV is the best it can be and has no errors is very important. So for the blog this week, I’ve put together a list of common errors that we have seen on CVs over the last few years, so you can avoid them in the future.

Email Address – Having an email address that you created 10-15 years ago is something you want to avoid, especially if it is an address you now regret creating. Create a new professional email address dedicated to job applications / searching, as this will keep all of your job update emails together and they won’t get lost between spam emails.

Fonts – Avoid using a mixture of fonts throughout the document, stick to using a simple easy to read font, such as Arial or Time New Roman. It will allow the hiring manager/recruiter to read your CV at ease and not struggle to read certain words if the font has curly edges.

Colours – Use simple black text on white paper. It looks much more professional and text in certain colours can make it difficult for some people to read.

Newest positions at the top – Don’t list your previous positions from oldest to newest, as a hiring manager / recruiter wants to see your latest position first and what skills and experience you have gained recently. Your very first position that you held 20 years ago could have no relevance to the position you are now applying for. Ensure you list the positions from newest to oldest.

Number of pages – Having a long CV isn’t always a good thing. Even though trying to fit everything onto 2 A4 pages isn’t always feasible, having a CV that is very long can put recruiters / hiring managers off.

Not tailoring your CV – Submitting a non-tailored CV is definitely an error to avoid. You want to put  effort into getting the job, and tailoring you CV will make your skills and experience gained in this area stand out and make you a stronger candidate. You may have gained the skills/experience to complete a position, but if it is not stated in your CV, someone new reading your CV wouldn’t know if you could meet all the requirements.

Position Details – Having the wrong amount of information on each position is something to avoid. You don’t want just a line or two on your latest role and then detailed paragraphs on your oldest. You should to be showcasing your skills and experience that you have gained recently, so add more detail to your newest positions and cut down information on older positions.

Unexplained gaps – Avoid leaving long gaps in your employment history. If it is just a couple of weeks that doesn’t hurt, but if a gap covers a few months, you should add a short description on the reason for the gap. You don’t have to go into too much detail, a simple sentence stating whether it was for a medical reason, or just a short career break. Having explanations will help the member of staff shortlisting candidates, understand why there have been gaps.

File naming – Remember to save your CV in a suitable file name. Common errors people make is that they name the file something that only they will understand, but sometimes when uploading your CV online or submitting as an attachment, the file name will be uploaded to what you have saved it as. It is recommended to name the file something that is recognisable and professional, such as “CV – ‘Your Name’.doc”

Formatting – Having a badly formatted CV is something you want to avoid. You want to come across professional, but having large spaces between paragraphs, or changing text size/font halfway down the documents is not very appealing. Ensure that you pay attention to detail and make the CV look professional and readable.

Spelling – Small spelling mistakes can be made which could have been easily avoided just by doing a spell check once you have finished putting together your CV. Most word processing programmes pick up on spelling mistakes, but some are missed, so make sure you do a final check before submitting.

Lies – It is known that there are some people who like to exaggerate on their CVs to make it seem more appealing. This is an error that is regularly made and people do get found out, especially if you get to interview stage and they ask you a question about something that you mentioned on your CV that isn’t true.

There are many common errors that are made by candidates that can be easily avoided. The list above are common errors that we have come across over the last few years, so hopefully by creating the list it will help you when putting your CV together on what to avoid and how to make the most out of your CV.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever come across some major errors in CVs.

Have a great weekend.

Warm Regards,



Office Update – June 2018

June 22, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend. Everyone in South Wales is getting excited as Ed Sheeran is here to play 4 nights at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. It is not that often we get well known acts perform in South Wales, so when someone does, everyone gets a little excited.

This week’s blog is going to be an update on what has been happening in the office over the last couple of weeks. The last few weeks has been quite different to a normal working week due to a couple of reasons. The first one being that we have welcomed a new member of staff to the team and secondly the big change over from Capita to Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS).

So the first update is that this week we welcome Sam to the team! Sam has joined us on a temporary basis to cover maternity leave and he will be working as a Recruitment Consultant. You will start to see his name on new roles we post out whilst he is being trained up, so feel free to introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.

The second update for this week is the transfer from Capita to Alexander Mann solutions. As you may know the framework which looks after the Government contracts was looked after by Capita under the CL1 Framework, although the framework is now being replaced by the Public Sector Resourcing framework, which will now be looked after by AMS.

The take over is being completed in 3 steps. The main transfer was completed at the start of this week on Monday 18th June, although some government departments are not being transferred over until a later date in 2 more stages. So for the next few months we will be going back and forth with both Capita and AMS until the transfer is complete in September.

If you are currently one of our contractors and you are wondering how the switch over will affect you, you will have received an email from the commercial team, keeping you updated on any changes that have been made and if you need to act on anything.

You may have noticed that it has been a slightly slower week on new positions, this is due to AMS ensuring the transfer process went smoothly and setting everything up correctly to release new requirements. AMS are expecting to release new positions at the start of next week, so we should start to see more new roles coming in from then, so keep an eye out on our ‘Jobs’ page or on our emails.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Warm regards,



Unique Job Titles in the UK

June 15, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone has had a good week. We are still continuing with the warm, sunny weather here in South Wales, with the odd bit of rain. I hope everyone else is still getting some sunny weather.

I came across an article earlier this week, which was on unique job titles that we have in the UK. I thought it would be quite interesting to share on the blog. Glassdoor have put together a list of the most unique and quirky job titles that now exist in 2018, which can be found below. There are a mixture of job titles, from technical, to scientific, to food related areas.

  1. Developer Evangelist
  2. Brow Expert
  3. Cloud Chief Architect
  4. Telemedicine Assistant
  5. Sandwich Artist
  6. Graduate BrainBox
  7. Listening Lead
  8. Beverage Application Technologist
  9. Python Developer
  10. Ethical Hacker
  11. Ruby Developer
  12. Party Chief
  13. Animal Technologist
  14. Protein Expression Scientist
  15. Waste Chemist
  16. Ramp Agent
  17. Nandoca

The technical jobs include a ‘Python Developer’ and a ‘Ruby Developer’. Python and Ruby are both associated with Programming. Or there is an ‘Ethical Hacker’, that tries to uncover any weaknesses in online systems. There is also a ‘Developer Evangelist’ that is a mediator between a company and its technical staff and outside developers.

Under the scientific section, there is an ‘Animal Technologist’ who is responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals used in scientific research and experiments. There is also ‘Protein Expression Scientist’ that involves cloning and testing engineered DNA constructs and develops bench scale protein purification methods. The ‘Waste Chemist’ would be working in an industrial laboratory managing and analysing waste material.

It also contains a few jobs in the food industry. There is now a position called a ‘Sandwich Artist’ which is a job of someone making sandwiches at Subway. Also if you work at Nando’s you are called a ‘Nandoca’.

There are a number of unique job titles out there today and we do get some of these roles through to recruit for, such as Python Developers and Ruby Developers, so keep an eye out on our open roles and you may see some of these unique job titles pop up.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever had a job with a unique name, or if you have come across any quirky job titles throughout a job search.

Have a great weekend.

Warm Regards,




Phone Interview Helpful Tips

June 8, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone has had a good week and is looking forward to the weekend. There has been interesting news this week that Nasa’s veteran Curiosity rover has come across organic matter on Mars. It was buried and preserved in ancient sediments, that formed a lake bed more than 3 billion years ago. The discovery is really interesting as it shows that there was something on Mars that organisms needed to live, so it will be great to see what else can be found on Mars in the future.

This week for the blog we will be looking at helpful tips to take on-board during a phone interview. Back in February we posted a blog on helpful tips when attending a face to face interview, these tips can all still be relevant during a phone interview, although there are extra things to consider whilst on the phone.

Be ready. You want to be sat ready and waiting when the interviewer calls. This way you are calm and not out of breath from rushing around trying to find a quiet place to take the phone call. 

Sit down in a quiet surrounding with no distractions. If you are in your house, choose a room that is away from any loud noises, such as other family members, TV, radio, or kitchen noises. Also you don’t want to be in a place where you can be easily distracted, so turn off the tv and if you are using a landline, leave your mobile phone in a different room.

Avoid taking calls in public. Try to avoid taking the call when you are out in public as background noise can be an issue. It can be an issue for yourself as you may have trouble hearing the interviewer ask the questions, but also the interviewer will probably hear a lot of background noise which can be distracting.

Be aware of your facial expressions and posture. Although the interviewer cannot see you, your facial expression and body language can make a difference in your performance. Smiling whilst answering questions can put a bit more energy into your answer making yourself sound more enthusiastic. Also posture is important, if you are slouched in an armchair it can come across in your voice, so try to sit upright on a office or dining chair.

Choose a landline over a mobile phone. If you live somewhere that doesn’t get good phone signal, try to take the call on a landline as this reduces the risk of a call cutting out on a mobile if the signal drops. 

Have water to hand and don’t chew. Have a glass of water next to you as talking for a while can make your mouth dry and give you a cough, so taking sips of water can help. Avoid eating or chewing gum whilst on the phone as this will affect your presentation of answers and come across unprofessional.

Ask questions, especially ask when will they arrange face to face interviews. As in a normal interview, it is also handy to have questions prepared. An important question that should be asked will be to find out when they will be arranging face to face interviews. This will show that you are keen and still interested in the position.

Have pen and paper with you. A pen and paper can always come in handy to take down notes about the position. Remember an interview is not just for the interviewer to see if you are a good fit for the role, but also for you to see if the role is what you are looking for.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy the next time you are preparing for a phone interview and will help get you to the next stage. If you have any tips that work for you, let us know in the comments below.

If you are looking for tips when attending a face to face interview, take a look at our blog post here.

Have a great weekend.

Warm regards,



Contractor vs Government Dept – IR35 Case

June 1, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone had a good bank holiday last weekend. Even though we had some storms here in South Wales, all of us in the office still made the most of the extra day off.

For this week’s blog, we will be looking at the battle between a contractor and the HMRC over IR35, and how the contractor won the case against the HMRC for the contract to be declared outside of IR35 and raising questions of the Government’s understanding of IR35.

The contractor was providing Business Analyst services through a personal service company to the Department of Work and Pensions, where the contract was declared inside IR35. Although the contractor disagreed with this and took it further. After the hearing took place, the judge decided that the contract belonged outside IR35 as there was insufficient right of control over the working methods. The judge also disagreed with HMRC’s interpretation of mutuality of obligation (MOO) and the right of substitution.

The CEO of the company that represented the contractor at the hearing stated:  “Despite HMRC implementing and enforcing the rules, this verdict shows they can’t accurately assess a contractor’s IR35 status. The Government is serious about clamping down on what they believe to be non-compliance, but worryingly, can’t recognise whether a contractor belongs inside or outside IR35. That the individual was working on a Government project simply adds to the irony. This case is further proof that IR35 needs simplifying, and HMRC must rethink its IR35 strategy completely. Clearly, this is no time to extend public sector changes to the private sector”.

A large number of contractors are dismissing contracts due to them being inside IR35. If the government is mis-assessing the IR35 status of contracts and being incorrectly declared, not only are contractors missing out on opportunities, but the individual departments within the government departments are also missing out on good candidates.

If the judge has decided on this occasion that the contract should be outside IR35, how many other contractors are out there in the same position where their contracts have been declared inside IR35 but should rightfully be outside IR35. What is your opinion on this? If someone thinks their contract has been declared inside IR35 incorrectly, do you think it should be challenged? Let us know in the comments below.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Warm Regards,





Privacy Notice

May 25, 2018 | By | No Comments

As of the 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation is in place. A part of the new legislation means candidates will need to provide consent to us in order for us to hold their contact details and contact them about potential future opportunities.

If you did not send us consent prior to the 25th May 2018, your information will have now been deleted from our database. If you missed the deadline but would still like to receive notifications about new positions from us, just email with your consent and we can gather information from you and add your contact details back to our database.

Additionally, if you are new to EGB Recruitment and would like to start receiving notifications on new positions, send an introductory email to including written consent that you are happy for EGB to hold your details and contact you with potential opportunities and we can get you loaded onto our database.

If you would like to know the type of data we hold and what it is used for, you can view this in our Privacy Notice below.

Privacy Notice – EGB Recruitment

If you have any questions about the Privacy Notice, you can email them to


GDPR – Consent Reminder

May 18, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

As most of you are probably aware that on 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation will be in force. We would like to remind you that if you would still like us to contact you about new positions, we will need your consent in writing by Friday 25th May 2018, or your details will be removed from our system.

If we currently have your details on file it is due to you currently looking or previously looking for a new position. We would have gained these details from either a copy of your CV (which you have sent to us directly or through a job board website) or you are connected to one of EGB’s employees on LinkedIn.

If you have not already provided consent to us, you should have received a reminder email earlier today. If you are happy for EGB to continue contacting you about future opportunities, please reply to the email sent out earlier today, or email your consent to Additionally if you are new to EGB and would like us to start sending you information on new positions, again just simply email your consent to and we will go from there.

You can find out further information on how EGB are dealing with GDPR here.

If you have any questions, you can drop us an email at or leave a comment below and one of the team will get back to you.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Warm regards,


BT cutting 13,000 jobs

May 11, 2018 | By | No Comments

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone had a good bank holiday last weekend, we definitely had the weather for it. The team at EGB made the most of the sunny hot weather by having BBQs, going to the beach, visiting food festivals, and doing a bit of gardening. Let’s just hope that isn’t the last of the hot weather for this year.

This week for the blog, we are looking into the news that BT is to cut 13,000 jobs over the next three years to try and save money.

BT will be cutting down its workforce by around 12%, which is 13,000 jobs, a third of these being from outside the UK in its Global Services division. The cuts will come from reducing its management and back-office roles. Along with reducing jobs, BT headquarters will be moving to smaller premises after moving out of the existing headquarters building in Central London. These job cuts and other measures will help to save £1.5bn.

It didn’t help that back last year, BT’s Continental European operation resigned after years of inappropriate behaviour, writing down the value of the Italian unit by £530m, making BT’s shares plunge 21%. The investigation found improper accounting practices and “a complex set of improper sales, purchase, factoring and leasing transactions”.

BT forecasted a fall in revenue of about 2% for the 2018/2019 financial year. BT also said it was keeping its full-year dividend unchanged from last year at 15.4p a share and would freeze it for the next two years. George Salmon, equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown has said “The dividend, which was rising 10% a year not so long ago, is set to freeze for the foreseeable future, and next year’s profits look likely to fall again.”

BT have said “It was responding to changes in the telecoms market, including increasing competitive intensity from established companies and new entrants. It is critical that BT transforms its operating model to build a lean and agile organisation that delivers sustained improvement in customer experience and productivity.”

Chief Executive Gavin Patterson has said “BT was in a unique position, we have the UK’s leading fixed and mobile access networks, a portfolio of strong and well segmented brands, and close strategic partnerships. This position of strength will enable us to build on the disciplined delivery and risk reduction of the last financial year, a period in which we delivered overall in line with our financial and operational commitments whilst addressing many uncertainties.”

BT have made decisions to reduce costs by cutting jobs and relocating. Will this be enough to get the company back on track? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Have a great weekend,

Warm regards,